Ragnarok Report 11.15.12

Hope everyone has been enjoying Alpha 24, new pretty parallax and all. For those who own a Gamersgate copy your builds should now be up to date. We haven’t formally done an update post on Indiedb in quite some time so… so I figured we’d do something productive and not go watch the midnight release of Twilight tonight.

We decided on polishing up and working on the new dwarf UI. When you click the dwarf there would be this the compact version.

The items to the left would be his top 3 highest professions clicking the icon on the bottom left would pop up the full view for the dwarf UI.

Clicking on an equipable slot would open up a menu that would show all the available items in the players stockpile and/or weapon/armor/tool rack that can be equipped to said slot

The majority of the UI for activity zones has been completed and is pretty self explanatory.
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