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Five Cubed

If you are reading this we can safely assume you have survived Ragnarok, alongside a new gregorian calendar year. Quite a lot to go through in just a few short days. Meanwhile in Midgard vegetation has been reported to have been propagating throughout the world. Which is quite lovely considering the real life Winter’s air.

  • Added Farming/Plant Life.
  • Added 9 Plants: Bamboo, Grapes, Bitterhumle(hops), Huskycap, Strawberry, Sugarcane, Tomato, Wheat, Grass.
  • Added 8 Consumables: Bamboo Planks, Grapes, Hops, Husky Caps, Strawberries, Sugar Cane, Tomatoes, Wheat Grain.
  • Changed Save games now properly reflect plant growth.
  • Changed Buildings now drop some of the materials that they were built with.
  • Fixed Resolution Menu and Game Menu now properly close when a selection is made.
  • Fixed Multi-tile buildings no longer keep tiles tagged as buildings when removed.

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