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We’re Back…

…And you all deserve to know what’s been going on.

Why haven’t we been updating?

There is no excuse for such a long break from updates, but our supporters should know why we haven’t updated. Simply speaking, Genel and I have been experiencing some big transitions in our life. As some of you may know already, we both have been attending university while working on SoR. I’m happy to say that I have finally finished.

“Now I have a piece of paper that says I’m a programmer”

The normal stresses of completing a degree, like taking a few more credits than usual to graduate on time and passing, really strapped me for time. Add switching jobs to that mix and you get unfortunately late updates such as this. Genel too was in a similar boat(although he still has some college left to come), but luckily he has found an interesting position doing graphic design that has better hours than his previous job.

All of this means we have more time that SoR, and all of you, deserve.

Give us new stuff to play with already!

Coming out in alpha 27 we have a big crafting rework. The system now keeps track of all items in stockpiles and automatically removes them when a dwarf crafts an item. Now instead of spending minutes walking back and forth collecting the items to craft, a fraction of the time is spent walking over to the proper craft building to create the object. This won’t take away from the strategy or simulation aspects, as your dwarfs still need all the supplies gathered up into the stockpile before crafting will finish. This new system is possible because now, all items in the game world are kept track of in a persistent list.

In alpha 26 we talked about our combat and stat system. Both systems are fleshed out, but mean very little without weapons and armor to equip. The above crafting system changes should make it easier to stockpile your armories and weaponize your dwarves.


Looking Ahead

We have a few secret ideas we’ve been keeping for a special update in the future and we still want to keep some of that as a surprise, but I think you’ll all appreciate a glimpse of what our plan is for moving ahead.

Better and more complex map generation, including caves, dungeons, and unique biomes, is very high up on our list. More complex inter-dwarf and dwarf society features are going to be getting worked on as well. Things like dwarf house zones, hangout zones, etc. I have also taken a personal interest in working out some sort of system that would allow players to add custom items, weapons and armor, but that will have to wait until the core game is mostly finished(Free DLC?).

I sincerely hope this post clarified our situation and put your concerns at ease. I assure you that we are not dead and that we are committed to making SoR great.


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This took MUCH longer than expected. However finally completed a parallax layer.

Ragnarok Report 8.28.12

Multi-block buildings in action.

You can see how tasks overlay the full size of the building.

Here is the completed building

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